Your team at HIGHPOWER were critical to this achievement. The hard work, determination, good advice and patience from your team helped us accomplish this 510k approval. We fully expect to work closely with HIGHPOWER on upcoming projects based on the very positive experience we have had.”
Adrian, Senior Manager, Medical Device Manufacturer
I just wanted to extend our sincerest gratitude for the wonderful support you provided us with this past week. We were able to accomplish more than was planned due to your efficiencies and well organized lab. We realize that our request was not something commonly accommodated and greatly appreciate your willingness to help us in our efforts. Please know that we hold HIGHPOWER Labs in high regard with respect to your expertise, experience, and customer support. We look forward to future opportunities to rely on your lab for validation and test services.”
Chris, Manager, Sterilization Technology, Medical Device Manufacturer
Thank you very much for spending time with us during our visit. Your new facility is very impressive and we would like to work together on future projects with HIGHPOWER.”
Roger, General Manager, Medical Device Component Supplier
I am truly impressed not only with the testing performed at your facility but the level of customer service/care that Veronica, Don, and Dawn have. It is always a pleasure working with HIGHPOWER.”
Samantha, Medical Device Manufacturer
Great news on the Sterilizers! I can’t wait to start working with HIGHPPOWER on STERRAD® validation testing. For now we need to do some feasibility testing. Thank you so much for your help and please keep your fingers crossed for us with the new FDA person in charge of our 510k submittal.”
Jay, Product Manager, Medical Device Manufacturer