Wonderful lab, I really appreciate your hard work and always speedy service! It has been great working with you.”
Nichole, Product Manager, Laboratory and Validation Peer
Thanks so much Veronica for all your help. The customer service at Highpower is fantastic!”
Ruth, Purchasing, Pharmaceutical Manufacturer
Veronica, Don and Brian, thanks to all three of you guys. Recovering from some issues and knocking this out so we can hit our timelines is a life-saver. You guys aren’t just a vendor - you’re a trusted partner. Thank you!”
Jason, Manager, R&D Engineering, Medical Device Manufacturer
It is apparent that HIGHPOWER has a very mature quality system. When it comes to laboratories, I’ve been in many and HIGHPOWER is one of the best I’ve ever seen…”
Auditor, ISO 17025 Accreditation Body
Thank you for the fast turnaround. You guys do not disappoint.”
David, Consultant, Medical Device Consulting Firm